Carver Professional and Steinberg Join Forces

[Taipei, September 10, 2023] – After a prolonged period of silence, Carver Professional, globally renowned in the 80s and 90s for its amplifiers, is returning to the industry spotlight. Two stylish and affordable USB audio interfaces, Saturn I and Saturn II, have been launched today, catering to a broad spectrum of users.

Carver Professional's return to the market is fueled by a commitment to provide value-driven solutions. The new audio interfaces cater to musicians, podcasters, and recording enthusiasts, offering exceptional design, dependable quality, and affordability. 

But there's more to the story. Carver Professional's audio interfaces come bundled with Cubase LE 13, inheriting many features from the full Cubase version. Cubase LE 13 is a compact yet powerful digital audio workstation. This means users can seamlessly dive into music production, benefiting from the integration of top-notch hardware and software. 

Joe Kuo, Product and Market Development Manager at Carver Professional, commented, "We're thrilled to be back. In recent years, we've noticed significant growth in the personal recording market. However, there's been a lack of stylish, user-friendly, and affordable options. Saturn I and Saturn II are our responses to this market. When it comes to software pairing, we couldn't think of a better choice than Steinberg Cubase, a favorite among music professionals for decades. We are truly honored to cooperate with Steinberg.” 

The collaboration between Carver Professional and Steinberg aims to provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions for users of all levels. For more information, please contact info@carver-usa.com.